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Z790 Apex & 13900KS stability - overclocking help

Level 7

Hi all,

I upgraded to a Z790 Apex board paired with a 13900KS and i'm really struggling to get stability with this setup.

The 13900KS has a P core SP rating of 115 and E  Core rating of 89.

Can anyone recommend decent settings for this setup? I also have G.Skill 6600mhz DDR5 which im leaving at stock till I get the CPU sorted out. MC SP rating is pretty crappy on this chip at 59, but 1.4v on the MC controller still lets me take the ram to 7600Mhz.

I've tried following guides such as on scatterbench, but similar settings just crash and im now struggling to figure out whats going wrong.

PSU is 1300W so power is not an issue, and cooling is not a massive issue as I have delidded the 13900KS and have direct die cooling paired with a Nexxos 1080 rad + 360 rad.

I've tried increasing vcore voltage and even when it hits 1.5v higher clocks such as 5.9/6gHz are not stable (Temperatures hit 90's at this voltage)

Otherwise the CPU idles around 28/30C.

Thanks to anyone with any advice.



Level 7

Thanks! I'll check this out! 😀