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Z490-P + 10700K 5.1 All Core OC Voltage inconsitancy with Bios Settings

Level 7
I have been struggling with my Z490-P for a couple weeks now and for clarification I am currently on Bios 1621 although this has been happening since updating 1602 (the version it came with for me).

I have managed a stable 5.1 all core OC w/ these settings:


SVID Behavior: Typical
LLC lvl 4
Adaptive Voltage
TVB Enabled / VMax Disabled / TVB OC Disabled
V/F Pt. 7 -.075v

This generally gave me a full load voltage of ~1.305-1.32v and low load/high clock spikes max of ~1.34v and gaming temps ~75c

I've saved this profile to a thumb drive and taken screen shots of each page just to ensure I have everything identical.

I wanted to try to lower temps a bit by attempting SVID Best Behavior but had no luck so reset the cmos, and it seems everytime I reset the cmos and apply the EXACT same settings as before and noticed sometimes on bootup I'll now have ~1.36-1.4v and 85c+. Then reclearing and same settings somtimes gives me 1.425v or even as low as 1.285v. I can sometimes fix it by swapping settings back and forth but this seems insane to me.

When it is working I can leave it on for days, play any games, benchmarks and the voltage will be rock solid, no cache errors etc. I've even tried a spare Seasonic Titanium 750TX but no changes.

Has anyone else experienced this?