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Z390-F Triple Boot and BIOS saving issue

Level 7
So recently I upgraded from 4th Gen to 9600K + ROG Strix Z390-F Motherboard with Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB DDR3200.

Everything is working great like desktop usage, gaming, benchmarks however I've been experiencing Triple Boot after Cold Boot like when I turn on my PC it turns on for a second and turns off then turn on for 2 to 3 seconds and shuts off and finally in third time it turn on everything and continue without any error or failure after the post screen.

I tried searching every possible thread and topics on various sites and some saying it's normal behavior by Asus boards and does some kind of re-training of RAMs to keep the system stable but some found it strange like me. Found that Turning off MRC Fast Boot should be disabled and it will stop booting thrice and yes during this whole booting thing the Motherboard doesn't turn off but all the components that are hooked up with it.

This only happens when I completely shutdown my machine, turn or of the PSU switch, I have to do it as we have random blackouts in my country on daily basis and I have plugged mt PC with APC Smart UPS. I never had any trouble with any of the previous builds and my 4670K + H87 ran for almost 6 years!

Lastly BIOS isn't saving any settings and resets them to default in next boot after PSU is disconnected after shutdown. BIOS clock also stuck and start, show the last time it was shutdowned. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Due to this issue, my SSD, 3x HDD's unsafe shutdown count has increased from zero to 30+ on each

Update**** It was the damn battey that was not sitting correctly. I took it out placed it back correctly and it's all good now.