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Z170 pro gaming XMP issues

Level 7
Hi all,
this should be the right place.

I have an asus Z170-pro gaming, an i7 6700k and a Patriot 32GB 3600 MHz kit (PVS432G360C8K) .

As in the title when I set the XMP #profile 1 my pc won't boot up. I tried to manually adjust vcc and system agents voltages with no luck. The only way to make the computer boot up is to going into the AI tweaker (with XMP active) and manually set a lower frequency. Until 2666 MHz the system boots, when I go up this value nothing to do.
I saw a lot of problems about it around the web, but no solutions!
Maybe someone had experience about it.

Level 7
I agree with you. But my board can run at 3200MHz if I disabled D.O.C.P but leave all on auto except put 1.35v on dram voltage and memory freq at 3200MHz and save it.

You might try disabled XMP and use manual dram voltage at 1.35v and memory freq at 3200MHz as you might boot up successfully.