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Z170 Pro Gaming board problems

Level 7
Hi there,

I purchased a Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard in early December. Initially I didn't experience any problems, but then about 2 weeks ago several problems became apparent:

* Bluetooth stopped working, it was working, but then the icon suddenly disappeared from the system tray, and my bluetooth devices are no longer able to connect. The BTtray.exe is running, but again I have no icon in the system tray. There are no bluetooth devices in device manager. I have checked that the bios setting is enabled, reinstalled the wifi driver and asus bluetooth software. No change. I suspect with the hardware not being present probably suggests this is a hardware fault.
* As an alternative I began using the mic jack, but I have a lot of noise on this port which makes any input audio unintelligable.
* When reviewing the bluetooth settings in the bios, I also noticed the memory is only being detected as 2100MHz however the memory is Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz paired with an i7-6700, is this some sort of bus locking/pairing would I perhaps need XMP enabled to overcome this or is it a memory/SPD detection failure? I attempted to update the BIOS to the latest available version 0702 but this has not made any difference.

Advice appreciated, I believe I will be contacting ASUS Product Support on Monday.

Hello Jim Mc, welcome to the ROG forum.

Default Ram speed should show 2133MHz in the bios. To get it to 3200MHz enable X.M.P. as you suggest or you can set it manually. If it doesn't want to go you will likely need to increase the vccio voltage and cpu system agent voltage.

If it fires off at 3200MHz great ! If it doesn't try these settings starting with the lower voltages. Slowly increase them until you can boot to windows. You might get an overclocking failed message too and that's normal.

VCCIO - 1.15v - 1.20v
CPU Sytem Agent 1.15v up to 1.30v

No Bluetooth devices in the device manager would mean it's not present and could be as you say defective. Is there any way to test it on another pc, it would be the easiest way to confirm.

Are there any yellow triangles in the device manager?