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XMP not working with 4266mhz ddr4

Level 7
Hi. So I just put together a new rig. Specs are:

Intel 7700k cpu
Corsair H115i water cooler
Asus ROG Maximus ix Code
G Skill trident Z ddr4 4266mhz
Geforce gtx 1080x2 SLI setup
Evga 1000watt power supply
M2 hd

The problem I'm having is I can't enable XMP. It will not post. I tired a set of the same ram but at 3600mhz and it works. So my question is why is it that the 4266mhz ram won't work with XMP. I also found that my motherboard scales the ram down to 4133mhz. Will a bios update enable the increased speed? Also should I keep the 4266mhz ram (4133) or keep the 3600mhz ram?

As a side note I was only able to achieve a 4.9 ghz overlock (on stock voltages). 5ghz just wasn't possible. 1.35 volts let get into windows but after a while crashes. Tried up to 1.4v and some thing. Not sure if increasing voltages past 1.4 for 100mhz more is worth it. And yes I've tired 2 different OCing guides with the same result. My temps are very good but probably bad luck on the cpu

Level 12
According to this: your MB supports max RAM speeds of 4133Mhz which is the reason why the speeds are throttled.

Memtest the RAM:
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Have you tried to get 5ghz with the 3600mhz RAM? It's usually a trade off between overclocking the CPU or the RAM.

Ok thx for the info. Yes I've tried to hit 5ghz on both mem config and it was exactly the same. So should I keep the 4266mhz ram or the 3609 MHz ram?

If your 4266 kit is operating at 4133mhz, that's the best you can get, so stick with it.
If you have to run it at 3600mhz, go with the 3600mhz kit, since it will have lower latency.

You probably won't notice a difference at those speeds anyways.

Ok so is there any real benefit of xmp if my ram is already running at 4133?

Sniper_3001 wrote:
Ok so is there any real benefit of xmp if my ram is already running at 4133?

No. When I was hunting for RAM I asked the same about benefits of 2400Mhz and 3200Mhz RAM. I went with 3000 because G.Skill Aegis was on sale. I can barely tell the difference between when it's at stock 2133Mhz and XMP'd to 3000Mhz. If I benched it, yes. But daily use brings no visible rewards.
I'd like to deploy my troops in her country.

Level 13
DDR4-4266 speeds are only validated on the Maximus IX Apex and Strix Z270I motherboards. The four-DIMM motherboards can't achieve such speeds and it is unlikely they will ever be able to. You're going to have to accept a lower operating frequency, which will likely be well below DDR4-4133 with a two-DIMM kit, as well. DDR4-3600 sounds about average for these configs.