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XMP Issues (z690P-WIFI,DDR5, 12900K)

Level 7

I've ran through a variety of sticks now, some qvl approved and some not and literally no matter what  xmp will never work. I can not go above 4000mhz with two sticks, which at that point there really isn't any point in even using DDR5. Surely this is a bios issue given I've tried so many different combinations; like I said it doesn't matter if they're officially supported or not nothing works.


I have updated the BIOS (Which was much more of a pain than it had to be given ASUS seem to bury software after it's been out for longer than a year)

This motherboard and CPU have brought me nothing pain, never had a more problematic combo.

Screenshot 2024-04-14 183310.png



Hello onlyonneeon

Stick with a memory kit that is on the qvl list. It looks like your using Kingston Fury Beast memory which should work well. I'm using Kingston Fury Beast in my ROG Strix Z690-F Gaming Wifi motherboard.

Do you have your memory installed in the A2-B2 slots? (2nd & 4th slots from the cpu)




Yea I've been going up and down the qvl list with no luck at all, constantly buying and sending back just trying to break the 4000mhz barrier. I had the best luck with some corsair kit that wasn't on the qvl list, they were able to reach 4800mhz with two sticks.


No the current sticks are in the A1 and B2 slots, I've swapped about before with numerous kits and this never made any difference in regards to xmp. I'm starting to believe I'm just terribly unlucky with bins

These sticks are fury yea, KF556C40BBK2-64 to be exact



The recommended configuration for two memory sticks is slots A2-B2.

Try this.

1) Shut down your pc, turn off the psu switch and unplug the power cable from the psu.

2) Install the kingston fury beast memory in slots A2-B2 (2nd and 4th slots from the cpu).

3) Clear the cmos by shorting the two pins as shown by the motherboard manual.

clear cmos header.png

4) Connect the psu power cable and boot up your pc.

5) Enter the bios and configure your memory.