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XMP 1 / PC Takes about 30 Seconds of running Code 15

Level 7

From what i know this is Pre-Memory System Agent. I just Built This PC Running a Strix X670E-E With Ryzen 9 7950X3D. Memory Trident Z5 CL30 6000.

I guess is this normally for it to take this long to start up every start up. Will this improve over time does it take a bit for the XMP profile to find the right settings?

I am Running XMP1. Other options are XMP2 and XMP Tweaked. Not 100% of what the differences are. I am guessing these are different Timing , Clock and Voltage Settings. XMP 1 Is running fine right now just takes a bit on first boot of PC.

Also Any thoughts on AMD Ryzen Master for my CPU?

Thanks everyone any Input is appreciated.


Super Moderator

Hi @MxWillay 

Q-CODE 15 is a memory training code. The tests performed at startup perform a series of stress tests involving read/write operations. Once you have confirmed the memory is stable within the operating system, you can disable a large portion of these startup tests by enabling Memory Context Restore in the UEFI within AI Tweaker. This retains the parameters from the last successful POST operation.

If unable to locate, use the search function on the top bar.



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