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X99 Gaming + 32Gb (4 * 8Gb kit) 3200 Mhz issue

Level 7
Hi guys,

Looking for a little assistance here.

cpu - 6850k
motherboard - Asus STRIX X99 GAMING (bios ver. 1401)

I have 32GB (4 pieced of G.Skill Ripjaws 5) classic black 3200mhz memory - G.Skill F4-3200C16Q-32GVKB

After turning on XMP mode on the motherboard only, I find that the PC is unstable and some applications and games will crash. I am wondering if you could assist me so i can have the ram run at full spec. Another thing I also noticed was that after only turning on profile #1 in XMP, it also adjusts some other options for CPU from auto to some manual settings. I am not sure if this is the correct behaviour?

Finally, I am not overclocking the processor or have made no other adjustments.

Thanks in advance.

Level 15
Try setting your memory up manually. If that still doesn't work, proceed to tweak the System Agent (VCCSA) and IO (VCCIO) voltages until you're stable.

Thanks for your reply.

Could you or someone point what I should set and how to do this manually? Sorry I have only returned to overclocking and playing from a hiatus of about 10 years.

Level 14
you need to list all your hardware specs then look in Chino's signature above, he has links to several guides, also ASUS Edge UP has some guides

Thanks for the info!

Here are the specs of my build. Like I said earlier I am not massively familiar and have looked through the guide but still confused.

i7-6850K, H80i v2
Asus x99 gaming board
32GB g.skill 3200mhz ripjaws V. 4 * 8GB.
Asus 1080 OC video card.
EVGA 750W G2 Powersupply.

looking for some "pro tips"?

Still keen to hear from you on what the best way to manually overclock this memory to its full spec of 3200mhz?

Thanks in advance

Level 14

Thanks Menthol!

I assume you have already fixed this but if not, let me relate my experience.

important that your RAM kit of four is certified for dual channel and you bought it as a set of four together.

Newegg had a sale on 16 Gig sets of two (2x8) and I bought two of these sets both with the exact same part number.

All kinds of problems resulted and I could ONLY get the sticks to run at their LOWEST default speed. When I checked each sticks timings in the SPD settings in the BIOS.....low and behold the two sets had ever so slightly different timings.

An RMA to Newegg and a few dollars more for a Certified kit of 4 sticks.....AND ALL MY TROUBLES MELTED AWAY.