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Wrong VID 9600k on hero XI

Level 7
hello ppl, this is my first post and want to share with you my experience, spec for first:

Maximus XI hero (first bios)
Predator 4000 (3600-16-16-16)
Samsung 860 evo
Strix GTX 1070 ti

Bios seetings:
all power saver = on
vccio = 1.15v
vccsa = 1.15v
Adaptive voltage, no offset, temps are ok

So, after some time and experiment about OC I noticed that my cpu have same VID value for 4.7, 4.8, 4.9 GHz and stuck on 1.265v. If I raise to 5.0Ghz VID change to 1.335v and if use 5.1GHz my VID change to 1.395v. This give me problem to configure lower clocks like 4.7Ghz. So is this related with cpu or mobo? I expecting to see lower VID for 4.7Ghz about 1.15v not 1.265v.
Thank you in advance!

Level 8
i dont think you have to care about VID, just set your adaptive vcore voltage to suit best to your CPU 🙂 you can verify your settings for stability by various tests and benchmarks
btw you should update your bios to latest version, it works great for OC

Level 7
Ty x-rated, i update new bios. Notice same VID info for 4.7-4.9Ghz like in oldest bios. You are right and I will not care for VID but, I think I need to explain better than in first post. As I said I use adaptive voltage. So example for 4.9Ghz I need 1.252V and that is so good result with low temperature. If I change clock to 4.7Ghz and put 1.15v for adaptive voltage in windows hwinfo64 that voltage is 1.252v ??? Now I can back to first post and repeat that VID is same for this 2 clocks 1.265v, and because of that I have same voltage for different clocks. In this case I need to use negative offset about 0.090 or more but offset can be unstable , and I do not need 1.252v for 4.7Ghz. I suspect that cpu table written for my cpu is not ok or maybe bug in bios and I suppose that table need to be like 4.7-1.150v, 4.8-1.200v 4.9-1.250v 5.0-1.3200v, 51-1.385v . As you can see bios auto lock adaptive voltage for 4.7ghz and 4.8Ghz same as for 4.9Ghz and in this case for me is best to use 4.9Ghz. I only need to know is it normal or not 🙂

Level 8
VID changes with load and can be same for different frequencies as you can see from my HW Monitor screenshot 🙂
core #0 has actual frequency 5 GHz and VID 0,945V while core #1 has same frequency, but VID 1,345V