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Winter Wonderland 2013

Level 40
It is that time of the year when folks in the Northern Hemisphere are freezing their bollocks off.


And the lads and lasses in the South are out frolicking in the sun and surf.


But we are ROG can have just as much fun. How I hear you ask?

Why BENCHING of course.


The Benchmarks

Super Pi 32 Mil


ROG Realbench V2


Same CPU frequency for all benchmarks.
No Sub-Zero benching don't want any frozen ROGers found in their rooms doing an Iceberg impersonation. 😄


Open HWmonitor for the entire benchmark. Clearly showing the min and max temperature.

CPUz showing Frequency, Motherboard and Memory

Remember if a result is to good to be true, it probably is!

All submissions must have the official screen which was once again provided by Chris. Big thank you.

Can be downloaded now. LINK


Contest starts on Thursday 9am UK time 5 December.

Contest ends Monday morning 9am UK time 6 Jan 2014

Three classes to compete in, you are welcome to compete in as many as you like.

AMD - Intel Mainstream - Intel Extreme
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.
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Arne Saknussemm wrote:

Twisted1...that sounds screwy....i guess you've done fresh installs of OS etc? is it the AMD drivers?

Got it working now, and CF working with two cards.

I have a new problem now though, my PSU can't handle the load when benching. It's ok if i don't OC gpu to the max, or if I don't OC CPU to the max. But if I do both cpu @5,3-5,4Ghz and gpu's(7970) @1350Mhz the computer just shuts down like 3-5sec into the benchmark. It's a 1000W fractal design psu, not the best out there.

Getting a new PSU though 🙂

Level 12
Arne, it seems you have a very lucky kit.
I just received Menthol's 2300cl8 kit and it couldn't do 2400 7-11-7 1.85v.

I also have 2000cl6 kit and it is absolutely mad, but also, depends on luck.

I haven't seen 1600 7-8-7 kit, but recently I had 1600 6-8-6 Pi and those were crap.

PS darkage you may be interested to look at this thread

Level 40
Hmm actually you saying that I realise that's a mistake....Mine don't run're right it's 7-11-7-28...but still, from 1600 sticks it amazed me....

The sticks that do it are complete mismatches from different kits...orphans.

The other two sticks are from the same kit and don't do anything....go figure...

Level 11
thanks dart
i also never heard of this 1600cl7 pi 3 channel kit, i knew they existed for x58 but dont know anything about it
this guy has 6 sticks (2 kits) but as i allready have the 2000cl6 and its good i dont know if it is worth to buy so much memory just to have quad chanel

Sell 2000cl6 to me and get 1600cl7)))))

The thing is that you don't need any certain kit. In some case 1600cl7 kit would clock better than 2400cl8.
It's all about luck and you can never know until you try. That is actually what i was talking about in that thread I linked below.

1600cl7 kit may not be even PSC X. If you have any pics of that ram, look at it's S\N 5-8 digits should be 1040.

Level 16
Get a Seasonic 1250X 😉
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RealBench Developer.

Level 12
Got a coolermaster V1000 coming my way already 🙂 (I think seasonic makes those btw)