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Winter Wonderland 2013

Level 40
It is that time of the year when folks in the Northern Hemisphere are freezing their bollocks off.


And the lads and lasses in the South are out frolicking in the sun and surf.


But we are ROG can have just as much fun. How I hear you ask?

Why BENCHING of course.


The Benchmarks

Super Pi 32 Mil


ROG Realbench V2


Same CPU frequency for all benchmarks.
No Sub-Zero benching don't want any frozen ROGers found in their rooms doing an Iceberg impersonation. 😄


Open HWmonitor for the entire benchmark. Clearly showing the min and max temperature.

CPUz showing Frequency, Motherboard and Memory

Remember if a result is to good to be true, it probably is!

All submissions must have the official screen which was once again provided by Chris. Big thank you.

Can be downloaded now. LINK


Contest starts on Thursday 9am UK time 5 December.

Contest ends Monday morning 9am UK time 6 Jan 2014

Three classes to compete in, you are welcome to compete in as many as you like.

AMD - Intel Mainstream - Intel Extreme
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.
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Level 12
Sorry to hear that Arne, about the drive. You mean the plats are having problem and works with the other kits? I find it a bit weird for the memory to have damage.

Level 40
Hey the end you are right nothing happened to the's back up and running...not sure what happened still...haven't had time to check all possibiliteis out...... I cleared the BIOSes out and reflashed with FTK tools and everything appears to be back as it should be but OCZ SSD is dead as disco....

Level 18
... da da da disco .. disco duck !!! disco. disco duck !!! aaaaaaaaaaah the good ol' days .. hahhahaha .NOT.

.. it's gotta be rock'n'roll if ya wanna dance with me. lol.c.

Level 12
lol, Chris :). I always hated Disco too. Clapping hands and high pitch male voices, never was my style. Love arguing about that, with my wife though 😄

Level 18
i did enjoy watching the disco 'girls' dancing in those tiny skirts while i got smashed though .. back 'in the day' .. i would roar with laughter if one of them slipped and fell shattering all that plastic .. hahaha .. like put'n spakle or bondo on with a trowel ... ooooooooooo my.

at least at a rockNroll biker bar, what ya saw is what u got .. umm, sometimes .. c.

Level 14
Chrsplmr, you are a man of many words, love reading your posts, Arne, glad your RAM is still good, Disco sucked before and always will

Level 18
M- it sure did, it sure will .. the only thing good about disco was Barry White .. he would start sing'n and
the panties would hit the floor. I miss Barry.

.. she saw the bulge in my pants and wanted it, she begged me for it and begged me for it, so I whipped
it out and gave it to her, she stuffed it in her mouth and sucked it and sucked it and sucked it. it was the last tootsie roll I had.

.. but Rock'n'Roll ... will live forever.

niko .. disco was the first volley of the attempted chick-A-fication of mankind.imho. .. women loved it ..
if it wasn't for Barry ... they might have won. [Next time she starts that 'crap' take a shower,
and put on some 'Barry' ... hahahhahaha .. you win !!! ]

This video is even better -- muted !!! [something for her/something for him] lol .c.

Level 40
Oh man...and then Google do the disco doodle! Hahahahaha

Level 40
Back to the best Dual run so far is 72843 but forgot to include comp background so that has gone to HWBOT

CPU5202 RAM 2448 Titan SLI

Vantage 72394

Level 13
very nice Arne 🙂

Like I said those Titans are bad azz