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Winter Wonderland 2013

Level 40
It is that time of the year when folks in the Northern Hemisphere are freezing their bollocks off.


And the lads and lasses in the South are out frolicking in the sun and surf.


But we are ROG can have just as much fun. How I hear you ask?

Why BENCHING of course.


The Benchmarks

Super Pi 32 Mil


ROG Realbench V2


Same CPU frequency for all benchmarks.
No Sub-Zero benching don't want any frozen ROGers found in their rooms doing an Iceberg impersonation. 😄


Open HWmonitor for the entire benchmark. Clearly showing the min and max temperature.

CPUz showing Frequency, Motherboard and Memory

Remember if a result is to good to be true, it probably is!

All submissions must have the official screen which was once again provided by Chris. Big thank you.

Can be downloaded now. LINK


Contest starts on Thursday 9am UK time 5 December.

Contest ends Monday morning 9am UK time 6 Jan 2014

Three classes to compete in, you are welcome to compete in as many as you like.

AMD - Intel Mainstream - Intel Extreme
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.
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Level 13
Thanks Viz

Level 13
Thanks Nodens

Explained allot

Level 13
This seems to be my best so far. My setup preformed better with my memory set to CL9 @ 2400 + as apposed to stock timings and just cranking it up to 2700 + CPU Freq 5278 MHz

Spi = 6m 9.359
RB = 94991
Vantage = 53578




Level 40
Nice meankeys! and up and up with vantage!...yep clean and tight is better than sloppy seconds....err... and umm tertiaries...what I mean is...

Level 13
Thanks Arne

Those titans of yours are bad azz.

Level 12
Awesome score meankeys!
But I still can't get the way you guys tweak RAM.
9-12-12 at 2436? I always guessed A good Samsung kit cat easily do CL8 at that freq.
Also tWCL could be much less.

Level 13
Hi Dart
I never tried cl8. My kit has a hard time doing 9 I have the older kit they wont do 2800 @ default timings. Nik and Flex have good kits. they have posted 2666 or better @ 9

You been posting some really nice scores your self.

Level 12
Looking at your timings I guess you should take a look at some default OC presets.
There are like "Samsung 3GHz 2.1v" etc etc, but the trick is that most of the 3thtimings do not actually depend on freq, so you can use these presets to optimize overall mem performance.

For SuperPi you can really cut some seconds like that.

2400MHz isn't very good choice, I guess you should try higher freq.
10-12-12 at ~2666MHz should be noticeably faster.

Level 12
Great achievements guys! Congratulations to all 🙂 I have some really nice time with family and in a few days, I will move to an other appartment (same rent, more space, lots of things to take care). But I 've seen Arne finally flash VBIOS and having clock party, Menthol hitting more than 3000 with his memory and the usual suspect Viz, pulling a golden chip :D. For me, not so much luck passing RB at 5.2, so I hope I 'll find some time to optimize my runs in 5100 and post some results, at that clock. I will agree with Dart's advice to Mkeys. In the past I tried 2400 cl 9 and results were better with high frequency up to 2666. One thing you can try is 2400 cl8.

nikosa43 wrote:
I 've seen Arne finally flash VBIOS and having clock party,

Was good while it lasted :D...bit of a bad day here today my OCZ Vector has died and so has my RAM...or something....can't get the system to work with either...put back my G.Skill Z series and all good....OC with Pi RAM all good

No regrets...I have had a ball!