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Why is Thunderbolt EX II not compatible with Z77 motherboards?

Level 7
Ok - I got screwed by ASUS in that I specifically bought a P8Z77-V Deluxe since they said it would be able have a Thunderbolt EX card added to it (vs buying a motherboard that had TB already built in). For over a year they kept promising that the card would be released (emailed back and forth several times over the year). Then when they canceled the card, they told me it was intel's fault and I should return my motherboard... like that was even possible after a year!

Anyways, now they come out with the EX II card. I want to know specifically why it will not work with my Z77 motherboard since it has a TB header, and the video card I use has a displayport output. I have a feeling the reason is that they want me to buy a new motherboard - and that there is no technical reason it could not work with a Z77 MB. I am sure they will also say it is because my motherboard does not have displayport out for the built in intel graphics.... the thing about that is that if you only want to use TB for DATA you do not need to connect the card to a displayport output.

Yes I am bitter and know that I was purposefully deceived by ASUS regarding the first TB EX card. Making the TB EX II card compatible with the Z77 motherboards would restore my faith in this company. If they do not make that happen (and I don't think they will since ASUS does not care about what they did to all of their Z77 customers), then I will NEVER use ASUS products again and I will steer everyone I know away from their products.

Level 15
The design from I to II had to change and it's simply not compatible with the TB header on previous generation motherboards. It was an unavoidable technical change.

We were unable to get the TB EX I card certified despite our best efforts, so we were unable to bring it to market I'm afraid. Certification is a necessary process all TB devices had to go through.