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Who has successfully ran xmp on Z390 with 4000+ MHZ ram

Level 7
I have seen lots of threads about xmp profiles not working on 3733mhz + on XMP profile without any adjustments. So I would like to see who has successfully ran their xmp profile on 4000+ MHZ without any adjustments at all.


Level 7
I have have been able to run xmp on 4266 gskill on apex xi z390 with no problem. I have some 4800 gskill that i can run real stable at 4300 and most at 4600 with out crash.

Level 40
I ran 4000MHz on a Gene with a couple of 9900KSs...XMP and up and running...

Most other times I had to adjust something

Level 10
Reading this forum for years it seems corsair sticks run smoother in general with xmp than gskill.

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Super Moderator

Here is 4x8GB 4266 running stable on the Maximus Formula XI.

13900KS / 8200MT CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

I have run Corsair LPX 4600MHz 1.5V modules in XMP at default settings stable on Maximus XI Apex board with 1401 BIOS.


Level 11
Asus XI CODE Z-390
Team group xtreeme 4133 mhz cl-18-18-18-38 ( 42 ns ) @ manual 4200 mhz cl -17-17-17-32 ( tightned all sub timings ! ) 😄 sorry MR 4600 mhz above me u need to tweak .

i had my 4000 mhz cl17 oc from 3000 mhz cl 14 on asus x hero z370 no issues at all .
13900 ks @ 6.0 GHZ | 5.1 R | 4.5 E | DDR4 32GB @ 4,400 c16 G1 | RTX 4090 | XG27AQN 1440P 27" 360Hz G-Sync ULMB 2

+1 you do get much better results tweaking.

I'v tried most of the 2x8GB Extreme Tweaker\DRAM Memory Presets in 1401 BIOS with the Corsair LPX 4600 kit.

Few days ago started running 1502 BIOS, and 2x16GB Samsung Double-Side modules. F4-3200C14D-32GTZSK kit,..

running @ 1.35V they will do 3733MHz,.. this weekend going to bump up the voltage, would like to see 4000MHz +