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What type of PSU do I need for my Rampage IV Extreme rig?

Level 7

Do I need a new power supply? Currently I have a 6 year old 700 Thermaltake Toughpower power supply.

This is what I'm running:

Intel i7 3930k, overclocked at 4.5ghz
6 internal sata drives (Mechanical)
1 Samsung 840 Pro SSD sata drive
1 Bluray Drive
1 Kona 3 card (pci video editing card)
1 GTX 580 EVGA Classified 3 gig card
1 PCI firewire 800 card
64 gigs (8 x 8 dim modules) Corsair XMS 3 memory

Any help would be great!


Level 16
The EVGA Classi can eat up a lot of juice... don't know about the video editing card...

Is your system running fine now? Do you have any crashes?

Level 7
Yes, but I an get occasional error at startup that says Overclocking failed! Press F2 to enter setup. I know some people have a memory problem but I heard one guy say he changed his power supply to higher voltage and his problem went away.

Level 16
Regarding the memory problem, that can be an issue with 64GB... run memtest86+ to see if everything is OK there...

With that amount of RAM, you also want to be sure that you have connected the auxiliary RAM power...

Yes, I have the 4 pin auxiliary power connected and it gave me the error less.

Level 15
As a minimum, I'd get a 850W unit. If you're planning any future upgrades, I'd get a 1000W unit. In order of quality, I'd choose Seasonic or Corsair.

Level 10
I would suggest a new PSU, as 700W is pushing it even with a brand new unit (SB-E + 580 + spinup of 6 platter drives = lots'o'amps!), and after 6 years your unit's capacitors have degraded enough that it's quite likely unable to produce those 700W.
Furthermore, PSU's have come quite a ways in the past few years, especially in terms of efficiency and voltage stability (ripple control).

One unit that I personally vouch for and can recommend without hesitation are the NZXT HALE90 models, particularly the new HALE90 V2 units. They are about as solid as it gets, well priced, and the internal construction is simply beyond what I've seen in almost any other consumer PSU.

I'm sure I'll get a backlash for this, but I would completely avoid Corsair units. They're overpriced, offer middle of the road performance for top-shelf price (they're like the Grey Goose of PSU's!), and I know of multiple AX1200i units that have (literally) spontaneously combusted.

Don't look at the brand, look at the OEM, it will tell you so much more....

I think the HALE90 V2 850W unit would be ideal, personally...

Thanks everyone for the advice!