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What to Expect from My 7700K-Stuck

Level 9
Hello Everyone,

I built my first computer about three years ago for image editing. it was a Maximus XII Hero board with a 4790K that was mildly overclocked. It failed and I replaced the motherboard with a Maximus IX Hero and had to do it fast. 32GB of Corsair 3200 RAM with six SSDs and 4 spinners.

My last setup did a great job with still images and I was amazed when I first used my new setup. A few things of interest, my current machine is plenty quick with stills (images) and I do not edit video. I am probably the oldest one on this forum. I have never been able to leave anything alone that can be made to go faster or better. Cars, sailboats and rifle cartridges are among my many vices, past and present. How many of you raced slot cars? Y'all missed something fun. That's where I am coming from. In other words, I am turning this machine up because I am having fun.

I have tried BIOS settings found in this forum and have been tweaking the BIOS. The AI Suite will do as good a job as I can. None of the BIOS settings I found at the beginning of the forum will run. Windows 10 64 will not even start. If I attempt to go up to 49000 MHz I rarely make it to Windows. If I do it will crash the minute I start RealBench.

No matter what I do or try I cannot get my CPU past 48,000 MHz with a RealBench score of about 90,000. Temps run below 75 degrees. I have a dual 140MM AIO cooler. I have not delidded my processor, yet. My delidding tool will be here Wednesday.

I do not know if my barrier is temperature related, bottleneck in my hardware, bad BIOS settings or some of each. I do not know what utilities to use that will tell me where the problem is. I need help. You can see my complete setup in my profile.

Following is a report from Real Bench. I really do not know what is good, bad or what to expect.

Sun Oct 29 2017

Image Editing: 87170
Time: 61.1217

Encoding: 79824
Time: 66.7467

OpenCL: 90610
KSamples/sec: 16730

Heavy Multitasking: 94672
Time: 80.6148

System Score: 88069


Sun Oct 29 2017

Image Editing: 85713
Time: 62.1605

Encoding: 81528
Time: 65.351

OpenCL: 90610
KSamples/sec: 16739

Heavy Multitasking: 92781
Time: 82.2577

System Score: 87658


Sun Oct 29 2017

Image Editing: 86285
Time: 61.7481

Encoding: 84250
Time: 63.24

OpenCL: 90610
KSamples/sec: 16732

Heavy Multitasking: 97179
Time: 78.5349

System Score: 89581


I am open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you,


Hi Roger3006

When overclocking you'll want to set the voltage manually to say 1.25v - 1.30v and try the cpu core ratio at 48, if you pass try the cpu core ratio at 49 and always keep an aye on temps, temps will tell you how far you can go. You don't want to see over 90c when running the Realbench test and the lower the temps the better. The 7700k runs hot and delidding it is a good decision, I delidded my 7700k and used thermal grizzly conductonaut (liquid metal) between the cpu die and IHS and then thermal grizzly kryonaut between the IHS and cpu waterblock. Delidding dropped temps 15c for me.

I use HWinfo to show cpu temps and voltage and it monitors pretty much everything else too.

Click the pic to make it bigger

Thank yo Nate152

I downloaded HWiNFO64. Now, if I figure out how to generate the report during the RB test.

I tried your suggestion more times than once during my quest and never made 49 get out of the gate. My maximum temp never hit 80C on any of my test.

Below, assuming I can figure out how to insert the image is a recap of my best score which was within the last hour. How does this score rank and what should I be able to achieve? I could knock it out of the park and would not know it.

Your reply to my thread is very much appreciated.


So what did you end up with, 4.8GHz with 1.30v ?

Something is not quite right, the image editing time is off, it should be down around 20 seconds. Try lowering the cpu core ratio to 47 and run the test again and see if your score is any better.

Is your ram running at 3200MHz ?

Thanks Nate,

My RAM is set to 3200.

Changed to CPU core ratio to 47 and things went downhill. The last report was at 48000 MHz. Below you will find the benchmark score with the CPU core ratio to 47. Max temp was 76C.

I am lost.

What should I try next?

I very much appreciate your help.


Another member is having the same issue as you with low scores and I'm not sure what is causing it.

Try reinstalling the Realbench files then restart your pc and run the test again.

The fist score I posted was with version 2.54, here is with version 2.56. See the image editing time at around 20 seconds.


I'm having the same issue, I'm not sure what the problem is currently. Mine does fine in other benchmarks but performs poorly with RealBench. Let me know if you find anything and I will do the same.

If you guys are running the windows 10 fall creators update I wonder if it could be something with that, I see alot of people reporting issues with the fall creators update.

I'm using the windows 10 anniversay update build 14393.


I am running Windows 10 64 Pro.

The best Cinebench score I have recorded is 11.22. do not know if it is good or bad.

Do Y'all think I am having a heat issue or something in my setup? How much do the processors vary from copy to copy?

Thank you again for your help.

Have a great evening,


You don't have a temp problem, when cpu temp goes over 90c it will start to throttle to protect itself, when cpu temp reaches 100c your pc will automatically shut down.

CPU's aren't created equal and can vary quite a bit from sample to sample, mostly by how much voltage one needs for a given frequency.

I'm still wondering if you're running the fall creators update, I can check for you if you post me your system information like above. Just type in "system information" in the search box, bring up the details and take a screen shot.