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What can I do to enable XMP?

Level 7
Hi all,

I have an ASUS 97m-e motherboard with Intel Pentium g3258 and 16gigs of Kingston hyper x fury ram @1600mhz and i want to use XMP to get the most out of ram but dont know how to enable it. Is there a special swith or certian setting in andavnce to enable it.

Level 8
in bios AI Overclock Tuner

Level 11
Some versions of that memory kit do not support XMP, make sure yours does. Post the exact kit model number here if you are not sure.

Assuming it does, when you enter BIOS, if you are in EASY Mode, check the lower lefthand portion of the screen and you will see a dropdown box for XMP. Your board supports XMP. You can enable an XMP profile there in the dropdown. If you have 2 XMP profiles available for that kit (doubt it, but...), you can select either one in the dropdown.

As mentioned above, you can also set it elsewhere, which is what I and probably most do. Go to the ADVANCED Mode in your BIOS, then get over to the AI TWEAKER tab, and in there you "should" see the AI OVERCLOCK TUNER, where you can set XMP mode. Once set, the board will adjust all the values automatically for you. Then you can save the BIOS changes and reset.

I said "should" above, because I took a look at your users manual, and it's weak to say the least. The BIOS pics in the manual don't show the AI overclock tuner, but it should be there. If you don't see it, then first go to easy mode and set XMP, and then you can go to Advanced mode and should be able to set the target memory speed to 1600. 😉