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Weird sound coming from M7H when selected CPU Load-line. :(

Level 7
Hello, im a happy owner of a MaximusVII Hero. im writing because I noticed a reallly weird sound coming from my motherboard if i selected a CPU Load line calibration inferior to 8*. when selected a number inferior to 8 the VRM also rises its temp until the Mobo Shuts itselfs down and revert it to 8. i have no idea what it is. Can someone help me with this issue?

Level 8
Could be coil whine.

Sometimes shutting off power save features can help. Some even dab glue on the coils believe it or not.

You can often track down the coil whine location with a small plastic tube as a stethoscope.

This thread might help...

Coil whine does happen from time to time, generated by the coils of wire not being bound as tight as they could be.