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want to use offset mode for core voltage?

Level 8
My Maximus XI doesn't have adaptive mode, so I would like to use offset mode to lower the core voltage at idle. Now my system is stable with 1.3V, so if I understand this correctly, in order to lower the voltage for idle I need to set offest to "-" then input a voltage for step down. I'm going to use 0.2v but I will also need to raise the standard core voltage from 1.3 to 1.5. Is this correct?

Level 7
Are you sure you can't configure adaptive voltage? The YouTube video from ASUS on OCing the Maximus XI specifically mentions it, and I know I'm using it.

Screen from DIP5


Yes your are correct I just discoverd that if you disable SVID support you no longer have adaptive voltage as an option. I'm experimenting with adaptive voltage and still need to understand the new settings under this option.

There is Offset mode + or _, Additional Turbo mode CPU core voltage and Offset voltage.

Interesting with adaptive mode on and nothing altered in core voltage the min Vcore doesn't go below 1.199V, whilst in auto it will drop down to 0.7v at idle. Learning as I go.

I'm going to try offset "-"
additional turbo mode 0
offset voltage 0.2v but what is this offset applied to?