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Voltage problems on new PC build

Level 7
Ok so a couple of day's ago i completed my new PC build but i've been running into a couple of problems since wich seem to be coming from the power supply (i think). Every now and then i've been getting warnings from the Asus AI Suite II saying that the voltage on the 12v, 5v or 3,3v rail has dropped to zero. It happens on each one but not all at the same time, it also seems to last for just a second before going back to normal. This usually leads to the PC completely freezing up though sometimes i just get the warning, that's why i think the voltage drop only happens for a fraction of a second or so.
Here's a screenshot from Asus probe II event log from the last couple of day's:


So my question, is it the power supply that's at fault here or is something else going on that I'm missing?


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Level 14
Check all your power connections, it could just be a loose cable. Or a bad cable, you could try swapping cables around if they're modular.

Make sure you have all three mobo power inputs connected (24 pin EATX, 4 pin ATX12V, 8 pin ATX12V).
You have two fat (250W) GPUs, so you should also connect the optional 6 pin "black" EZ Plug (extra power for mobo PCIe slots). It can't hurt to also connect the 4 pin "white" EZ Plug (extra power for mobo DIMMs) if power delivery seems iffy.

A good excuse to ensure you've updated to the latest firmware and software for your board.

You should probably confirm your AC power source is clean (using a receptacle tester, Kill A Watt meter, DMM, or similar device). You could have "dirty" power mains, sporadic brownouts, excessive impedance/harmonics, etc. The only workarounds - aside from a complete electrical upgrade in your building - are to move the equipment to a different (clean) power circuit or to include some sort of uninterruptable/backup power supply, power conditioner, isolation transformer, or somesuch.

Your 1200W PSU should be adequate. Unless it's dying. Swap with a working PSU from another machine if you can, for long enough to determine the source of the problem. If the power source and PSU are perfect then your mobo might be crapping out.
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Level 12
If OC'ing, return your bios to default settings and make sure your bios version is up to date.
You shouldn't really rely on software to monitor your PSU, Korth gives good advice how to troubleshoot a PSU.
If it were me, I would completely uninstall Al Suite (using the removal tool) until you get this issue resolved.

Al Suite could actually be the source of your problem.
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Thx for the reply's guys,

going over all the possible options Korth gave me now and after reading up some more on the problem i've indeed come across several reports AI Suite may be at fault here. So i downloaded HWiNFO64 to see if get the same readings as i do in Asus Probe II.
Oh and i'm not doing any OC'ing yet, was still installing all the drivers and stuff when the problem started occuring. Because of that i also upgraded the BIOS to the latest version (4901) but that doesnt seem to make a difference as far as the alerts go in Asus Probe II.

The only thing i'm still wondering about (if AI Suite II is the problem) is what caused the PC to freeze up at the exact same moment as the alerts unless that was also caused by AI Suite II.

Anyway i'll update further here if i make any progress

Level 14
I had no idea AI Suite could be so problematic. I don't use it, myself - don't like bloatware.

Haha, hope your power/hardware isn't at fault. Uninstalling software is a cheap fix.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


Level 14
aisuite = buggy and always been so. had the same on my AMD ( CVF ) for 5 years ago.

Yeah uninstalling the software would be a cheap fix and a big relief and it's looking like AI Suite is the problem. Got HWiNFO setup and running side by side with AI Suite for about an hour now and got 2 Alerts from AI Suite, nothing on HWiNFO...


Probably time to give AI Suite the boot and be done with worrying... tho i'm gonna keep monitoring for a little while longer just to be sure