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Using SSD on Asus G75VW with SATA 2 connection instead of SATA 3

Level 7

I've got myself a SSD from Kingston with 450 write and 450 read speeds using SATA 3.
As the ASUS G75VW is using SATA 2, How much will these speeds be reduced?

Is it worth putting a SSD in my ASUS G75VW when it only has a SATA2 connection and the SSD uses SATA3 but is back compatible with SATA2.

What speeds should I be receiving using SATA2 ?
100MB/S? 200MB/S? 300MB/S? (300 MB/S is the max for SATA2 if I'm correct?)

Thank you,

Level 40
Yep 300 MB/s is about tops theoretical so 285 about for real life.

Is it worth it...absolutely...if what you have in there now is a HDD....the SSD even though not maxed out will be super quick in comparison!


Level 17
Oh, if you put the SSD into one of the first two SATA slots (the HDD slots, not the optical drive), then it is SATA III, I believe. At least, the older Sandy Bridge laptop mobos were that way. I would assume the same for the later Ivy Bridge (G75VW), or that Intel went to all SATA III. Even if it isn't, it is still worth it, as the drop in lag is so much better!
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Level 7
It's a SATA 3 in my ASUS G75, I got this working very good, getting speeds upto 480+ read and write. Thank you 🙂

Level 40
Cool beans! nice one Snuskn...must fly compared to HDD

Good call Zygo!