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Unusually high chipset temperature?

Level 9
I could not find this information elsewhere. I have a Z690 Hero Maximus Mobo. With default settings loaded in BIOS, UEFI reports that the chipset temperature is anywhere from 46 - 52 degrees celsius. That is within the UEFI BIOS setup monitoring screen. Can anyone else let me know what they're seeing for this temperature within BIOS with this motherboard?90795

Level 8

Yeah you are right, I found the chipset temperature too hot for my liking too.. Thank for calling me being brave compliment 😉

So if I understand correctly you would put an extra fan there?, it could work,if you would remove the plastic cover and see how small the heatspreader is, you would be shocked and instantly understand. Why the cooling does not work properly.

If you are 20 years of pc enthusiast you never seen such bad thermal solution.

They cheaped out on a bit of aluminium. And put little noisy fan on top.

I was kinda pissed, because the way they manufactured it, hope your solution Wil work properly, good luck

Grt Raphael


Level 8

Were is the chipset in the?


hey Malekir1,

yeah i fixed my problem.. it was noisy with the original motherboard cooler. did not like the chipset-fan ramping up & down. where the chipset is? = in the picture is it behind the graphics card, behind the coppercolor thing back on the motherboard.

,grt Raphael

Level 8

Cambio la velocidad de la RAM en el BIOS. Eso me ayuda. Si eso te ayuda dímelo.