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Unusually high chipset temperature?

Level 9
I could not find this information elsewhere. I have a Z690 Hero Maximus Mobo. With default settings loaded in BIOS, UEFI reports that the chipset temperature is anywhere from 46 - 52 degrees celsius. That is within the UEFI BIOS setup monitoring screen. Can anyone else let me know what they're seeing for this temperature within BIOS with this motherboard?90795

Same here 😞 Z690 G Gaminig-wifi , arounf 65-70 deg C on Chipset, while CPU is ~35, and "motherboard" is 43 .... and I think I have a good airflow ...
I suspect the problem is because of the graphic card which doesn't let the air to flow above the chipset radiator ...
Also .. when I force to start (or higher RPM) for GPU fans, then the chipset temp decreases a little ... I'm thinking to put an additional cooler somewhere... on the bottom , just to blow air to the chipset radiator ...

Did you fix it ? 


I change the velocity of the RAM in the BIOS. That helps me. If that helps you tell me. 

Level 7
The support from Asus is a true disaster. They "don't know" if 78C on the chipset is high or normal, while at the same time they hint about me returning the motherboard if I think something is wrong. I said "I dont know if it's wrong, thats why im asking you whats normal. How can I return it when you as the producer say you dont know?" ....then silence from ASUS for a week now.

Luckily, I bought it from a good store, and I'm returning it. The store said the normal temperature on the chipset should be 50-58C, so its RMA.

I've solved it by myself .... Added another fan positioned in a strange angle ... to force the airflow on the ROG chipset radiator ...
Result: around 10-15 degrees less (Now I have somewhere between 50 and 58 deg. C )

Hey Iceoel,

Its kinda hot, but what i have seen normal for amd ryzen that bixby-chipset is getting hot because of different things..

poor original cooling solution to start with.. i took my mother board apart to change the original cooling solution to something better.. but dont forget it supports pci 4.0 nvme support that make it run hotter @ twice the nvme ssd speeds

RMA was your best solution.. kinda curious what you did choose after the RMA?

grt Raphael

Level 7


Seems I am having similar issues and will try to get a fan for more airflow to the chipset. I have a RTX3090ti that covers the chipset as it is so large. 


I just went through a system crash that ended up being the CPU of all things.... during my troubleshooting phases I noticed how hot the chipset was getting on the board. Board is still operating fine, though I seem to get degraded performance in Davinci Resolve (program) after a long day of editing. 

Level 7

Same issue here. After startup already 45 degrees, whn doing little office already 62 degrees.

During gaming 72 degrees but did not seem to go higher.  GPU and CPU way below (45-60 each).

Out of my experience of 20 years this is rather high temperature for a chipset.

Actually I would also consider adding a small cooler to the heatspreader on the board. Nowadays there is few choices, in the end tending to the akasa chipset cooler since it is active and can be added by a heat dispensing patch. Any experience or recommendations?


Btw handing this board in because of this makes no sense, will have to built this out of my case and everything what is a full evening of work.

Hey Strixer,

thanks for reply, I have to say i was not afraid of the temps that i was getting on my Asus rog 570-e chipset,

they where the same as yours +-70 while gaming or Nvme activity.

It was the little PCH-Fan ramping up and down that annoyed the heck out of me.

okay was running a Red Devil 5700XT these times and that made some noise too..

But still the screaming PCH Fan had to go..,I've bought an copper block from China.

and modded my motherboard by removing the PCH-Fan + tiny aluminum cooling block and Replaced that

by a full copper block zip-tied trough the motherboard with thermal grizzly pads in-between.

i seen this mod by The Bauer (German modder) and took his measurements as a reference.

i will put some picture's of the result;


Thanks for the update. Meanwhile support told me that up to 95 degrees is ok. Still I find it odd. I am not as brave as you to remove the heatspreader. Will see if I can add the akasa active cooler to it. If not maybe at leat some extention to the passive heatspreader.

In the end the problem might be that i do have a rather big card with the 4070 ti eagle. but still it is running very quiet and therefore not much airflow happening below the card.