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Unstable memory D.O.C.P 3600 OC?

Level 7
Hi all, I am very new to this and any help or guides would be much appreciated. 😮

I overclocked the ram on my pc and I have passed the memtest86 test, so I thought everything was fine, after all, it was a simple D.O.C.P (XMP) OC, (@3600 as supported by the mobo in its description) And it was for a couple of weeks apparently. But in the past week, after I installed display fusion I have experienced two/three instant reset when opening or a few minutes after starting a game. (I don't think DF is related to this, but it's the last thing I changed on the system before the first reset)

I was able to log the results and I noticed a rise in the chipset temperature to around 50, I am not sure where or what to check for, any suggestions?:(

For now, I went back to normal mode for the memory to check if that was the issue.:eek:

I have:
asus ws pro ace
ryzen 3950x
crucial ballistix 3600
arctic liquid freezer AIO
BIOS 3003 (last stable)