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Undervolting Ampere 3000 series issues (possible to disable GPU boost?)

Level 7
Currently trying to undervolt my Strix 3080 OC and the GPU boost keeps kicking in and making it unstable. Aside from it confusing the hell out of me (because its stable when testing then as I start gaming the boost pumps up the clock and crashes) i'm really struggling to find how much i can actually clock with an undervolt.

Currently using MSI afterburner as it's the only one with the V/F curve editor that allows undervolting.

Has anyone managed to successfully undervolt yet? It seems no matter what settings i try, the boost kicks up the clock and becomes unstable. It would be good if I could disable the boost clock but I dont know if thats possible.

Level 12
Why would disable boost clock ?
Actually why are you undervolting at all ?

RedSector73 wrote:
Why would disable boost clock ?
Actually why are you undervolting at all ?

Are you kidding? Its well known that the 3000 series run hot with the factory V/F curve and you can get a faster/more stable clock by undervolting and clocking manually for a much cooler card too, I might add.

You should try it if you haven't already, you will be able to reduce the power consumption by like 100w.

Disabling the GPU boost gives you more control over the clock frequency - as it stands, GPU boost is making my clock unstable when it boosts because my card is running "too cold". I want my card to run cold. Why would anyone prefer their card running hotter than necessary? Or drawing more power than necessary? Hell, why would anyone not want a quieter card for the same performance as stock?

Level 12
So, to clarify, you can cut power down 100w, turn off all boost clocks and still get the exact same performance as stock card, is this correct ?

Why do you think I would want to undervolt with my card. No, I'm just trying to understand.
My GPU is water cooled and barely hits 60 with 100% load for hours, I run desktop computer, can pay my electricity bill, and my performance is way above stock card. I might add voltage or overclock it some more when no longer care what happens to it.

No I'm saying without turning off GPU boost (which I dont know how to do - if it's even possible as it seems to be controlled by BIOS) you can overclock and undervolt your card so you can get the same or better performance whilst using less electricity and having your card running cooler.

My card is aircooled, but I have seen watercooled cards overclocked and run cooler than 60degrees! I suggest you try it. Here's what my friend said about his experiments with a watercooled 3080 :
" With my custom power settings I pull 890mV with about 280w and a stable clock of 1965mhz. On stock settings 1950mhz on 1068mV and I hit 390w+"
He also dropped the temps by doing that, which would allow him to overclock even more because his card wont be throttled by higher temps at a higher clock. It's a no-brainer really.

Anyway, I get it, you dont want to do it - im not here to convince you otherwise so why bother replying?

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for an answer as to weather I can disable GPU boost or not...

Level 12
I was asking because I don't follow undervolting at all and am interested in the issue, even if I don't really understand why you do this. You are trying to convince me because you're passionate about your endeavour, nothing wrong with that.

Super Moderator
GPU Boost is controlled by the VBIOS, there is no way to turn off the GPU Boost 3.0 algorithm, only amend the points along the VF curve.
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