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Unable to update my motherboard's firmware

Level 7
Hi there,

I'm using an old Asus board in my media PC, the M2N-MX SE. I finally upgraded to an SSD for my OS and programs but the Kingston SSD tool doesn't see my drive. This is either because my board is so either old or required a firmware update. According to Belarc Advisor, my current firmware is 0406, so I should be able to update to 0501.

I tried EZ Flash by hitting Alt+F2 but it did no accept reading on a USB key, only a floppy or CD-ROM. I found an old CD-RW and burned the file onto it and got a message saying that it couldn't find M2N-MXSE.ROM. I renamed the file, erased and re-burned the CD and got a new error:

I'm stomped, I never had issues upgrading the firmware on a board like this. Anyone has an idea of what's going on?


Level 40
Was your USB formated to FAT?

When you update your bios via the Ezflash tool the firmware should update too. Download the latest bios for your board and extract the bios file to the root directory of the fat formatted usb stick. In Tools in the bios navigate to the EZFlash2 utility and away you go.
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