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Turbo boost vs Overclock for gaming

Level 7
Hey guys. When I overclock my ASUS mb using the AI auto overclocker….it says ‘98% Overclock’ when I startup my computer…..what does that mean? 3.20ghz x 96% then add on to its now at 6.2ghz? I don’t get it. The second question I had was I noticed when using 3D Timespy benchmark…that I scored higher NOT overclocking the cpu vs just using the 6.0ghz turbo boost? Is this normal? Like it is better to let the cpu turbo boost by itself for gaming compared to overclocking? Just wondering why turbo boost might be getting higher fps than an AI overclock?

My setup
ASUS z690 Strix wifi gaming -e
32meg 6000mhz ram
1gig m.2
4090 gpu*