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To load line or not?

Level 8
I have:

- Asus Strix z270f motherboard
- 7700k processor at 1.27v set in "additional turbo mode cpu voltage".
- Memory is Corsair CMK16GX4M2B36

Stable at base memory clock running at 4.8GHz

I have memory set:
3200 MHz
DRam Voltage: 1.24V
VCCIO: 1.15V
SystemAgent: 1.20V
IA DC Load and IA AC Load set to Auto

Runs for hours with stress tests without failing.

Minute I follow the Asus recommendation to set:

Set IA DC Load Line to 0.01
Set IA AC Load Line to 0.01

it fails in 3 minutes. Yes set to adaptive, not manual. Any thoughts on what I should do at this point without increasing heat to much? Remove Load Line and set to Auto? Up the DRAM Voltage? VCCIO? SystemAgent?

Appreciate your input.


Hi Jriker1

I personally let the Load Lines on Auto.

You could probably tighten up your ram timings a bit by setting the Dram voltage to 1.35v.

Thanks Nate. That was the next plan. Stabilize where I'm at and then start tweaking. Not sure how much those kind of adjustments really effect things in the end.

Guessing without those settings set to 0.01 the board is kind of doing it's own thing with changing voltage settings. If I had a reliable way to see when stress testing what those settings were actually hitting could just manually set them at those same voltages but don't trust any tools that are reading this info. They all seem like they are estimating or not exact but maybe they are.