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Thought I was stable, until I wasn't. VCCSA/VCCIO and Auto OC Questions?

Level 7
Long story short, I needed to replace my "home" server in July. I mixed and matched spare parts on hand and bought a couple. The main components are...

-ASUS Rog Maximus XI Hero Z390 - Latest BIOS

-Intel Core i9 9900k

-4x16GB DDR4 (64GB) Samsung 2666mhz 1.2v *NOTE there is no XMP for these chips

-Corsair H100i Pro with (4) 120MM Corsair Maglev Fans at full throttle.

-Seasonic Focus PX-650

I didn't have much time to look into Overclocking, but there was no way I was going to leave it stock with the default 95W TDP. I ended up looking up the quickest way to get things going with a "set it and forget it" attitude. I haven't run into any problems until yesterday (4 months later). Got a random crash related to Memory while zipping up some stuff with 7zip.

Under the Extreme Tweaker section, I set

ASUS MultiCore Enhancement: Auto - Lets BIOS Optimize

CPU Core Ratio: AI Optimized

My Cooler points prediction was 189. I also set the tweaking to keep learning. Memory Clocks/Timing/Voltage have NOT touched (including VCCIO and VCCSA)

I tested the 4 modules individually, all seem to have been good. I noticed on AUTO VCCIO was 1.1 and VCCSA was 1.4v. I immediately upped VCCIO to 1.15v and dropped VCCSA to 1.3v. I also upped the voltage of memory from 1.2v to 1.25v. None of this really helped I don't think, but figured I'd need to tune the memory anyway.

At this point, I reset the Auto OC training and started an AIDA FPU stress for about 12 hours (will probably do Prime later on when I have more time). I'm now at 160 cooler points, obviously the Auto CPU frequency is a bit less, but I'm not too concerned. Before it was 5 GHZ, now it's 4.7 Ghz.

Couple of side notes. I learned how to look for L0 and WHEA errors within HWINFO64. Got them almost immediately with the higher Auto OC, but after 12 hours of FPU testing at roughly 4.7 ghz on Auto, I have not gotten one. Seems things are stabilized now.

So my questions are as follows...

1) I'm not looking for a crazy OC, but needs to be 100% stable. I just don't want to be stuck at 95w TDP and My cooler can handle it. Do I lock in at 160 cooler points and stop the cooler training? I had it set to keep training for 4 months.

2) This ASUS AI Auto OC is new to me, it seems like a good idea for someone like me who has little to no time right now to fine tune clocks and voltages but obviously it didn't work out. I never did a FPU stress test, so maybe the cooler points got skewed and was never really stressed? I'm willing to give it another try.

3) Memory: Not overclocking, it's all stock. I presume using all 4-dimm slots I should at least minor adjustments to VDIMM, VCCIO, VCCSA?