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Thinking of buying an SSD for Asus G75VW

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So this will be my first SSD ever and I've never put a new HDD/SSD in my laptop so I'm completely new to this. I was thinking about purchasing this SSD:

What do you guys think about it? Is it good, and do you have any recommendations of other SSD's I could look at before I purchase. Also, will any SATA III SSD work with the ASUSG75VW? Thanks!

Level 7
Just bought it, fantastic drive in general. I have the 250GB version in my Toshiba Satelite, the thing literally boots to the login before the windows banner can assemble and the services are all on almost instantly. My Toshiba Satellite S55t is up running from cold start in 23 seconds logged in. I have also used the Crucial MX equivalent in my ASUS G50VT X5 and it is equally great in performance, while the Samsung is on sale for $199 to $205 I would pick it up as its a great deal for the 500GB version. If it goes back up to the $220 mark though the Crucial is a better buy in my opinion. You are going to love your new SSD regardless.

The 500GB 850 EVO is in my desktop right now spec's on the right, running 5 drives on the sata controller and I am still up in 50 seconds ready to run anything I want.

Awesome, that sounds fantastic. I can't wait to get that into my laptop, it's gonna be wonderful.

I was thinking of just installing the Windows 10 tech preview on it because I heard that getting your current Windows 8.1 from the HDD to the SDD is difficult or near impossible. Unless you guys know of any easy ways to get it from the HDD to the SSD?

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Well the Win8 Key is normally hard in the BIOS, you can run a recovery tool to get it ahead of install. Or you can call ASUS help desk support, they can send you the steps to recover your Win8 key, they did that for me.

You can also use tools like Acronis to do a clone disk or image snapshot of your current drive before you swap it out and restore from disc or external drive. Its pretty easy to clone a drive or make an image and restore that way. Samsung also includes a disk imaging or cloning tool for there drive.

I did a full reload this week with my 500GB 850 EVO and 2 weeks ago on the 250GB 850 EVO, took me a few hours because of the amount of crap I run. Took new snapshots when I finished so should something happen I can just do a image restore to the drive or a new drive if the drive fails.

Ok I'll contact Asus tomorrow to try and get that key in case I decide to go that route. Thanks!

Level 7
What are you waiting for? It will change your life.

Teramungus wrote:
What are you waiting for? It will change your life.

So i found out I have a Dreams park account with my university and I can download windows 8.1 with a product key for free 😄