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Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme @ 5Ghz?

Level 7
ASUS Maximus V Gene
OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W

With 4 Delta fans at max speed for push/pull config.
Would that be stable at 5ghz?
I havent done this yet but just want to see some guess.

Level 14
it depends on the cpu, some will and some dont.
hiviz will give you more guidance on it when he sees this tread 😉

Level 16
Well, that's very similar to Corsair H100... the thing for max cooling performance is to find the best airflow with the coolest fresh air (means setup as intake)... the 4 Deltas will be loud as hell... - but the main problem is the 3770k... it's running too hot... the radiator surface may not be enough for extended heavy loads at 5GHz...

Well its just for gaming.

Not using any rendering stuff.
As long as its 75 degrees or less its fine right.

Oh and the " image verification " thing is very annoying, they should take that off.

Level 7
if its just for gaming why does it need to be oc'd?

Level 16
It's true, for gaming it's better to keep the CPU at a milder speed (I would say 4.6-4.7GHz for the 3770k would be enough), but focus more on the VGA... that's what will give you more fps... - that cooler won't keep your 3770k under 75C at 5GHz! Check my benching tread, even a 360mm radiator isn't able to keep it under 75C...

Regarding the captcha thing, be patient... after 5 days and 5 posts you won't need it anymore... - it's just for protection against spammers

Okay thanks guys.
Might just go for 4.8.

Level 16
What is your graphic card(s)? As I said, focus more on OC'ing that/those for gaming...

Im using the Intel HD4000.
But getting a 680 later.

Level 16
Oh, so... that will heat up more your CPU...