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The ROG RAMDisk Software

Level 15

Those of you buying any of the Maximus VI motherboards or new RAIDR PCI-Express SSD, you will also have received the new ROG RAMDisk software bundled in your pack. I hope you didn’t chuck that box and disc out just yet!

Since ROG is always in the pursuit of performance and its users often pack their systems with memory, the RAMDisk software makes perfect sense. A RAMDisk offers a magnitude of performance over traditional storage, as shown below.

You’ve overclocked to 4+GHz so why not make use of all that extra RAM to boost your storage performance as well? Game or application loading, virtual machines (although Intel K series don’t support VT sorry) or other workstation-class software that demands ROG-level extreme compute power will all show a notable benefit.

Unlike many other RAMDisk software, the benefit of the ROG RAMDisk software is that it has no arbitrary limit; you can make dozens of small drives or just one huge one, for example, and it has certain functions to better preserve the life of your SSD. With NAND write life-cycles becoming ever smaller on each generation, it is key to preserving the long-term life of your SSD.

To learn more about the ROG RAMDisk, check out our innovation page which has more details.

Level 15
You know, I find it rather funny that there is no reason given as to why it's not usable on the rest of the ROG line, current and previous generations...especially when the above picture shows bandwidth rates for Quad Channel Memory, which as we all know, is not in use on any of the MAVIE motherboards.

So, can I humbly ask....why is it not usable on the rest of the ROG lineup? I understand it detects which board it's installed on, but, couldn't it be usable for the rest of us ROG owners? hell, i'd be happy to pay a small fee and give it a go.

Level 15
Ok, just had bit of a chat with someone and I was told that the reason for ROG RAMDisk only being on the MVI boards and the ROG RAIDR Express is due to the licensing, fair enough reason too.

Level 7
Gaaaah so then sell the program for us that want it!

RebelMRebel wrote:
Gaaaah so then sell the program for us that want it!

This, also sell it at a discounted price for us with the 1155 or 2011 socket 😉
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| SSD: Intel 120gb 330 series (OS) | Intel 120gb 330 series (Games n stuff)
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Ok, so it is officially released -

Where can you get it? Can't find it on NewEgg, TigerDirect or Amazon...
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Level 7
search the maximus vi downloads section on asus support site, thats where i got mine for my RIVE 🙂
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OS : Win8 Pro 64

The RAMDisk software function is one of the attractive features offered with the RAIDr express, but after reading the Innovation page ​ I'm beginning to have some concerns. It states ". The only limitation is the installation and the access to the ROG RAMDisk software will be granted, as long as the supported ROG motherboard is detected." I want to install the RAIDr on my 990FX 1st gen. Install the OS and a CAD program as well. Am I about to be Disappointed with the results? The board seems to be well adapted for the RAIDr itself. I'll have 2 ATI GPUs in crossfire on PCIex16_1 & 16_3. I believe I'll have to run the SSD in PCIex16_2 (Between the two GPU's. It appears the 4th slot or PCIex16_4 would conflict with the default IRQ settings of the board. Please let me know if I will be able to utilize the Advertised features of the RAIDr or am I Just spinning my wheels.

Level 7
that could be cool if it worked with xp x64...
ati has launched something like that , it should be a good idea but this ram-disk does not give so much except eating the ram and being "not free" EITHER

ram-disk to make games faster is possible , but it should be made with the help of a file having a config per game : like sli or crossfirex .
this file having the list of those to load in ram . these config files could be having a .ram extension and be made by games creators .
ram disk having its own list for older games

Level 40
Guys the software is for the motherboard it is bundled with, and will work with that motherboard for sure. It is not supported for other boards even if they are ROG boards.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.