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[Temps] GL503VS - ROG Strix Scar

Level 7
Hi there,

a month ago I ordered this piece of hardware and it's stunning, but fans are quite loud 🙂

The problem is basically the amount of heat coming from CPU and GPU. I found this tweaks which can help and want to share my experience.

intel 7700hq in the scar edition has igpu completely turned off, so I decided to test how much undervolting i can do to it. Here are the results:

That's stable undervolt of -160mV. Amazing! Less heat, same power, better longevity. Drops temps around 10-15 degrees celsius.

If we are still bothered with the temps, we can also turn off the turbo boost because in some games you don't need that much power anyways. In latest windows 10 build it is possible with this little trick:

Now the fans are much quiter because they are not triggering the critical temp of 75 degrees.

- well there's not much you can do here, because undervolting is not possible. But with ASUS Tweak you can create GPU Thermal limit - lock temperature at specific degrees and GPU will automatically undervolt to lower the heat. This is not always a good thing because you'll lose performance in games. But maybe it helps someone (like me when i wanted to mine on my GPU with lower temps 🙂 ). You can also undervolt the card with MSI Afterburner to 800mV with Curve in maximum card pstate. It's a pity you cannot lock the pstates with nvidia inspector, that would bring a whole new game of tweaking.

Hope this helps someone.