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Strange Things Afoot After H100i Install

Level 7
After installing the H100i, my motherboard warns me every couple minutes that it's at -60.0°C. Yeah, negative 60. Any ideas why?

Also when I start it says there is a fan failure of some kind, I have no idea why.

Level 40
Hi Xoxidine 🙂

Is it AI suite throwing up these warnings? And did you install corsair link when you installed H100i? AI suite basically doesn't like any other monitoring or sensor polling software on the computer and can throw things up like this.

Have you got your fans connected to H100 pump block and the pump RPM header attached to CPU fan header? Is the fan failure a BIOS warning or something like AI suite?

Level 40
If you have two monitoring software applications installed or open at the same time you can get huge differences. One application only is the rule of thumb.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 10
My friend had the exact same issue (with other temp. numbers I believe) when he installed h110. When I visited him it turned out that he connected water pump to cpu_fan and one of two fans to cpu_opt. The other fan was connected to cha_fan. We changed it so fans were connected to cpu_fan and cpu_opt and water pump to cha_fan slot (you can connect it to any other slot). It actually eliminated this error. So, if it's not software related issue I recommend you to check if 3 pin water pump connector and 4 pin fan connector are not connected the same way as I mentioned before (since cpu_fan and cpu_opt on friend's motherboard are controlled by one fan speed profile in bios). I can actually be wrong thinking that fan speed profile can cause this, but it worked.
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