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strange temperature reporting and cpu heating up

Level 7
Hi all,

got myself a rather strange problem with my rig.

You can see my full specs listed under my name, so i won't post it all again here.

Every now and than and seemingly fully randomly, AIDA64 extreme will start reporting a CPU temperature of -37c. Wenn this happens, the motherboard temperature readout dissapears completely. it is not a problem of AIDA, because i have my BIOS controlling my CPU and case fans. Wenn the problem occurs, they slow down to the bare minimum, because the BIOS thinks my CPU is -37c.
At the same time, the CPU starts heating up like crazy, even if i am not doing anything with it. I know this because wenn i miss the signs (not looking, because busy watching twitch), the PC will eventually crash and restart. I then load in the BIOS and it reads about 80c on the CPU.

I have my RGB leds configured through AURA to diplay colors based on the CPU temperature.
When the problems comes up, all my lighting changes to RED instantly, implicating AURA thinks my CPU is above 60c.

So the following happens completely random:
- AIDA64 stops reading Motherboard temps (it doesn't even show as an item in the overview)
- AIDA reports the CPU temp being -37c and stays like that, no changes
- AURA makes my LEDS light up red, as they should do wenn temps reach 60c or above
- My fans slow down to a bare minimum, because the BIOS thinks my cpu is an ice cube.
- CPU starts heating up even under no lead at all, to the point that it reaches the failsafe temperature and makes my pc restart
- After restart, my BIOS reports cpu temps about 80c and falling. CPU temps will settle on about 42c after a while, wich is normal.
- sometimes, after crash and restart, my CPU and/or case fans will be stuck at full speed, no matter the temperature of the CPU. For this to be resolved, i need to shut down, cut power, drain power from the system and start up again.

I updated the bios to the latest one and i'm running a fully stable tested OC on the CPU using a P0 state of 3,9 GHz with an VCORE offset of +0,035
I've set LLC to level 2 and AIDA reports a Voltage of 1,42 under full load
The memory is running on 3066 Mhz (anything above that wont post)

I'm at a loss here.

i'm starting to think my MB or CPU might be faulty.

Anybody got an idea?

Hi guys,

sorry for bringing this thread up again, but i am still having this issue.
It is driving me crazy.
All is well if i'm not using any monitoring software, but as soon as i do, it will evantually crash (HWinfo, HWmonitor) or break my sensor numbers as described above.

can anyone help me on this one?

I have the same problem on Zenith extreme. Everything is fine until I start Aida64. After ~1-2 hours it start showing weird temperatures: MB -75, CPU +7. Led screen on motherboard show CPU temp +177. Sometimes CPU fan stops, or VRM fan starts rotating at max RPM. Or CPU fan rotates at max RPM without load..
Had similar problems on Crosshair VI Hero.

If I dont start and dont use monitoring software everything is ok.

Level 7
i described my issue here

AIDA64 tray sensors always on, but sometimes after restart i have no issue 24/7 for weeks, and sometimes it screws after 1-12 hours online (and i restart PC).

Level 7