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Status indicator lights not working

Level 7
Hello Everyone,

Three out of my five status indicator lights are not working on my ASUS G751-JT laptop. I called asus support and they were unable to resolve this issue. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Power and Battery lights are on but HDD, Numlock and airplane mode lights dont turn on. I have installed SSD in bay 1 and HDD which came with the module is in Bay 2. Also the OS is Windows 10. It came with Windows 8.

Please suggest something. I know its not much of a big thing but when you pay such high price for laptop you would like to have everything working 🙂

Waiting for replies!

Level 13

Level 7

Would be there any chance that you read this, had you come to a solution with the problem? I just bought a Strix G15 and none of the status indicators light up. I just noticed it after like 2 weeks, they are so small and right below the display. 😄 the notebook seems to operate just fine though, just these led indicators ar always off.