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SSD help

Level 7
I have a Maximus Extreme IV-Z motherboard. A few months ago I bought an OCZ Agility 3 SSD. I used the SATAIII ports the mobo book instructed, and I haven't had any issues other than I've noticed no difference in windows boot time between that SSD and my old WD 7200 rpm HDD.

I have a friend that has almost my same rig, and his windows boots up in like 13 seconds from the time he hits his power button. Mine has always been around 40 scolds too boot, since the day I installed the SSD. I get three different ROG splash screen for the mobo during the process. Is there anyway I can check to see if there is a problem?

Level 7
did you set up the ssd drive in ahci mode before installing,also you can run atto, it is a free hard drive benchmark tool to see if you are getting the speeds you should, read and write speeds
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Ahci mode? How do I do that.

I did benchmark it right after I installed it and the numbers were great. It has always just booted slowly, which is why I was asking here.

Level 14
I don't have that board but you can disable the splash screen and other functions in the bios if not needed to get thru post faster. If it is anything similar to the R4E, in the boot section of the bios, disable the full screen, set the seconds from 5 to 2, and set the force bios function to keep same. will cut the post time way down. Again I don't know that all the same functions are in your bios.

Level 7
Thanks for those suggestions. It certainly has cut the time down a lot. Still not as fast as I'd hoped, but it halved the time. I am curious, without the splash screens, how do I get to BIOS if I wanted to make changes again? Sorry for the noob questions, a lot of this is new to me.

I am still very curious what the AHCI mode is. All I did when I got the SSD was update the firmware and plug it in.

Level 15
Just press the Del key to get into your BIOS 🙂