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Some words about P-states and AMD FX.

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For this time, until first post will be updated, some guys asked me about C6 or general about power states. Modern CPus has more power states which are reduce frequency and voltage. Not everyone know the AMD FX has many power stages. With turbo enabled FX have next two boost specification. For this is reason of APM in BIOS. APM Master (AMD power management) controling TDP around the value of 125 W example. There are short peaks over 125W, but only for some ms of time...

So, if you are overclocking, APM master is your main enemy :-). With APM active would your CPU "trothling" because APM. Example you will set 4600 MHz, voltage and keep your APM Master active. After your frequency will be jumping from 3300 MHz up to 4600 MHz (from P1 or P2 state) up to 4600 MHz and performance your PC will be not correct in multithreading.

Back to the FX P-states. There are, as I said before, two boost states Pb1 and Pb0.

Your base clock or OC clock is P0 state (the highest set value without turbo)

If TDP is too high with APM master, this master could down clock to P1 state. Fro each model of FX is different. For 8370E is it exactly 2900 MHz

next P-state is P2. I never seen it in practice.

P3 state is one of the power reducing.

And finaly last one for idle is P4 state. Its working at all 15h at 1400 MHz.

Look at all screenshots and focus at VID voltages for each p-state (not P0 because its VID for stock settings of 8370E, not for OC 4900 MHz). With OC you can let C6 active, in idle your CPU undervolting and downclock.C1E reduce some IMC and HT link activity. But APM master disable if you want overlcocking in high frequencies!
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Agreed. Somebody 'Sticky' This Please. ++FlanK3r.thnx. .c.