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Some advice needed on M10 Apex Package Limit Throttle BIOS 1003

Level 9
Hi all.

Finally got my Apex board and 8700k, setting it up for the long haul (24/7 use). Came from a 7700k with MSI Xpower Titanium board, which died 😞 Semi used to RoG as I own a Rampage 4 EXtreme. My issue today is some strange fluctuations in Core clock at load, despite voltage, temps and limits being seemingly setup correctly. First some infos:

Really happy with the quality of this Apex board so far, really is quite stunning. 8700k sample I have received seems quite good compared to some forums I've read with folks results. I'm nice and stable at present, haven't experienced instability at all on my target settings, aside from having some gripes with weird throttling.

Settings atm:
4.8Ghz all cores, -3 AVX, default Ring (4.4)
Adaptive 1.24v, LLC 5 (1.264 max software reading, haven't probed yet cos this is good). SVID behaviour on, Best case (without this, VID is ridiculously high lol).
Short power 150W, Long Power 120W. IA/DC Load 0.01
CPU current capability 130%, DRAM 130%, Extreme Phase (because VRM on this board is soooo cool so why not)
XMP 3200 (Gskill 15-15-15-35-2) 1.35v (reading 1.34)
VCCIO + SA 1.125v (reading 1.15-16)

Cooled by a Kraken X62. Temps are hovering mid 70s in the following tools:
OCCT 4.5.1 Linpack
CPU-Z Stress
Monitoring with HWInfo (ASUS EC sensor off) and CAM as well

As an aside, the default BIOS, with MCE turned on ran the CPU at about 1.35-1.4v @ 4.7Ghz and that amounted to about 87c at most, and didn't throttle like this (original BIOS 0403?). But thats insane anyway, just wanted to post this reference.

Like I said, its seems very stable. And interestingly, the system is very quiet, fans aren't ramping (despite BIOS saying 70c is 100% fans, idk why they aren't but its kinda cool lol, will check at some point). But the clocks will throttle down to 4.7Ghz/4.6Ghz/4.5Ghz after a minute or so, despite all the settings above. XTU seems to hold 4.8Ghz the longest. XTUS is reporting my power settings of 120W and 150W, but I am seeing this throttle occur whenever package seems to hit 95W - which sorta tells me my power settings aren't working, or Package TDP is a separate settings I have overlooked.

Thanks for any answers. Oh and while I'm here, wanted conformation on some setting to do with "Adaptive BCLK" something or rather. I enabled it, but not using BCLK. I read you should enable it, but wanted to check if thats true.

Level 9
Well *seem* to have solved by by reactivating MCE. Read another forum that mentioned to leave this on. But why would this take precedence over actual TDP settings? Is this actually required for that to work?

Well I dropped the voltage down to 1.232 for fun. Getting 76c after 15 minutes of load. LLC still at 5 (reporting 1.248 in software). Seeing 100W Package TDP no throttle.