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So stuck ASUS 970 pro gaming aura

Level 7
I have read every guide, and watched every tutorial I can find. I have been hanging around on some other forums and I am convinced they are full of idiots, or maybe it is me.

Is there anyone that can help me overclock this board? Nothing I have tried for most of the last ten years has worked, and I am just about ready to go buy a Dell.

Will someone please help me?

Specs are:
970 Pro Gaming Aura
fx 6350 chip
hyper evo 212 cooler
8gb x 2 sticks HyperX Savage
2 500 GB Hdd in RAID array
Radeon r9 270x GPU
6 140mm fans 3 intake 3 exhaust.
Intakes are front bottom and middle. One blowing on the back side of the socket.
Exhaust fans are 1 rear top, top rear and top middle.
1500 W PSU
Rosewill blackhawk 117 case
Windows 10

Using speed fan and hwinfo for monitoring and fan speed
Using Prime 95 and aida64 for stress testing.