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Slow USB 3.0 speed on MAXIMUS VI FORMULA

Level 7

I have had a MAXIMUS VI FORMULA for about an year now. It works great, but there's one thing that bothers me a lot. The USB 3.0 speed is really not any better than 2.0. Having messes around with it all day today, and even doing a firmware upgrade on the ASMedia hub, it's not any better. I do have an idea why it's slow, so I wanted to confirm it with you folks here. I've got 2x 256GB SSDs in RAID 0, and 4x 3TB HDDs in RAID 10. All six together fill up the Intel SATA ports (which also prevents me from being able to use the attachement for the WiFi and Bluetooth and mini-SSDs). I also have a Radeon R9 290 4GB for the video card.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but all of those items together use up the PCI Express bus and I suspect the USB 3.0 hubs also use it, but are left out with reduced lanes to use and are thus slower.

Or if I'm wrong, can someone point me in the right direction on getting the USB 3.0 speed up higher. For reference, I'm using a Patriot Magnum 128GB thumb drive and I've seen it perform at ~90MB on my friends MSI motherboard, but I can't get past ~34MB on mine on any of the USB 3.0 ports from either the Intel or ASMedia hubs.

Level 11
did you install the drivers for usb?
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Yes, I've installed the latest Intel USB 3.0 drivers, and the only thing as far as "drivers" for the ASMedia controller is a firmware upgrade on the motherboard's support page. I ran it as well, but there has been absolutely no improvement.

Level 7
Hi. Just wondering if you managed to solve this? I have a Maximus V Gene, don't really have problems with USB 3 speeds except I'm annoyed Sandisk Extreme flash drives aren't writing at close to the advertised speeds. I benchmarked them, as per Sandisk's instructions, and the results were very close but in real world use, I'm getting only 120MB/s Write speed, half of what the Extreme Pro 128GB is capable of.