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Slow SSD Boot times with Win7

Level 7
Yesterday I updated the BIOS on my Maximus VI Extreme and now my boot times are crap. It takes me about 5-7 min to boot, where before it was less then a min. Could this be the bios? I tired an older version of the bios and I still have the same issue. I have had this drive for a couple of months and this is my first issue. I have a Samsung 840 EVO 750gb. I have my trim on and the bios is set to AHCI, is there something else I am missing. I have plenty of space, 200gb to be exact, on the SSD so space should not be an issue. Thanks for the help in advance!
Cooler Master Cosmos II / Asus Maximus VI Extreme / i7 - 4770k 4.7 / Corsair H110 / Corsair Dominator Platinum 16gb 1866MHz / Samsung 840 EVO 750gb / 1TB Western Digital / EVGA GTX 660TI / 2 x ASUS VN279QL 27"

Level 7
On my SSD (OCZ Vertex 4 128gb), I get around 7-9 seconds to the desktop.