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SCAR II Overheat Problem =/

Level 7

so I am a happy owner of a SCAR II, since reviews are all positive and people report ~ 80 Degree Temperatures for it, sadly my SCAR is always reaching 100 Degree, undervolting is a No-No, since I lost the Lotery. with -0,040 V, doing more just instantly freeze and Crash the Laptop.

So I am curious, what else I can do? Maybe reduce Powerlimit? But that will reduce the overall performance greatly I asume.

When I play BF5 (as a Test Game)

XTU shows me he get Power and Thermal thottled, average Temperature is 88 Degree, I keep him running in Turbo-Mode, so that the Fans fully rage.
Average Core clock is 3,6 GHZ

I have the 8750H and a GTX 2070 as the Core Components.

Level 7
Try repaste?*

My G703gi stop throttling after repaste with Kryonaut. Hovering around 75 ~ 8xC max when gaming in bfv.
Try undervolt gpu as well. It helps a lot since both cpu n gpu share the heat pipe. I managed to limit the voltage to 0.925v @ 1911mhz under full load.*

Of course if you can undervolt, it will be better. I struggled to undervolt my machine in the beginning and now stable at -171mv. Cpu temp hovering around 60-70c during heavy gaming combined load. 60-70c for gpu as well since gpu’s fan doesn’t really kicks up until certain temp. Having the shared heat pipe affects it.