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Sandy Bridge-E C1 vs. C2 Revision

Level 7
Is the sandy bridge-e c2 revision a better overclocker than C1?

What are the advantages disadvantages of one over the other (aside from vt-d support and other errata fixes)?

I heard the C2 revision's overclocking life is less than C1, is this true?


Level 40
Hi there 🙂

Given that there is such a large difference between CPUs in general, I doubt anyone has tested enough of either stepping to come up with a statisticly significant average that would enable such a comparison. Anyone comparing c1 to c2 for overclocking would just be stating the difference between their CPUs not the difference between steppings. I just presume the c2 are a bit better in terms of functionality as the process matures. Overclocking will depend on the silicon lottery, as always, not the stepping.

Level 40
They are both very close when it comes to clocking and certainly the C2 is not any weaker or stronger than the first retail stepping.

If you want or need the C2 added functionality then pay the extra that some retailers are charging, if not needed why bother paying more, just find the best price and enjoy. 🙂
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
I just read an article online where the C2 revision also fixes the C1 revisions PCIE 3 problem that causes compatibility issues with Nvidia 6XX GPU's at PCIE 3 speeds.

"It is noteworthy that recently discovered that this problem is not entirely the fault of Nvidia, but Intel itself, which did not correctly implement the PCIe 3.0 bus in the early reviews of its microprocessors Sandy Bridge-E (stepping C1), problem apparently was solved in the C2 revision of these microprocessors."
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