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Ryzen 7600 all-core limit ~2.7Ghz if iGPU active on B650E-I?

Level 8

I'm experiencing an issue where if I overclock the 7600 iGPU in my B650E-I, even a little bit - like +50Mhz, when it can do +500Mhz - then use it with e.g. a 4K video or other D3D graphics load, CPU all-core is limited to ~2.7Ghz before it reaches the normal temp or power limits.

I described the issue in more depth on Reddit, along with my full system configuration and further details. However, I was wondering if anyone here had experienced a similar issue, linked specifically to iGPU OC?

(Incidentally, to make sure the GFX Core Offset voltage increment stuck, I also had to set it in Advanced / AMD Overclocking - it doesn't seem to work in the Tweaking menu, unlike the setting for the regular Core Offset.)