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Rog strix lc ii 240 and rog strix lc 280 for 13600k

Level 7

My motherboard lga 1700 13 th gen

And processor 13600k ,  rog lc ii 360 out of my budged ,

So i can buy on of them lc ii 280mm or 240mm

As i see lc ii 240 mm has powerfull h2 o presure and airflow and fan speed ,

280mm has bigger radiator , 

So which one should be perfect for 13600k mediam overclock . I am so confused to choose 


Level 14

Either of them should be fine for a 13600.  Pick the one which best fits your case.  The 280 has more surface area, so should cool a little better, but it really shouldn't matter that much on a 13600.

Thank you , as i see in infos =>

280 lc ii h20 pressure 3 mm and airflow 102 and fan speed 2100 rpm 

Otherside lc ii 240mm has  5 mm h20 presure and 2500 rpm fan speed and air flow 137 

After all which one will better

Level 14

I really don't think there's going to be a massive difference between them with a 13600K.  The 280 will probably run marginally colder, I'd guess.  I'd expect the 280's increased radiator surface area to be the deciding factor.  The planar area will be 120x240 = 28800 mm² for the 240, and 140x280 = 39200 mm² for the 280.

The width and how it fits into your case is going to be more important than the marginal cooling difference between them.  If your case has the quite common offset top mount for 120/240/360 radiators, that keeps it clear of the board and any VRM heatsinks on the top edge of the board.  If you were to choose a top mounted 280, that might be a tight fit against the top of the board in some cases.

To me, 280s are really for wider than average cages that don't have the front to back depth for a 360, or situations where a 360 would interfere with something else in the case; and where there's sufficient clearance between the top of the board and the case.