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ROG RealBench v1 Leaderboard [Retired]

Level 15
ROG RealBench Leaderboard

Ladies and gentlmen, welcome to the ROG RealBench Leaderboard! This is only for posting your RB scores. Please navigate to ROG RealBench Chat and Comments for random chitchat. Thank you!

It is mandatory that you use the following format when posting your RealBench scores snd a screenshot of your score is required for verification.
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Poco OM wrote:
🙂 Yeah I know, just the final tweaks require the patiences of a saint, something I am greatly lacking.
I should be able to get a significant jump when I can increase the multiplier and get my system stable above 5.2 ghz under stress. The thermal loads when going above 5.1 are throttling the scores and causing to much concern with the temps. For a single 120mm rad I am rather impressed with this mini power-station. I did have to cool my ambient to get that score which has involved having the back doors and windows open the last two days whilst wrapped in a quilt. :), but hey sometime you needs that extra chill, and it has been damn chilly. Was able to drop my idle and load temps by around 10 oC and this may be just little bit more extreme than meankeys copper coil. Sure felt so for me and my Mrs. This is about as close to extreme cooling I get as I have not yet been able to get to toy with Ln2.

At least I know these ram tweaks even If I have yet to discover the real potential of this CPU. I would hope it at least has the capability to beat all the 8350's, so if nothing else I know I have a top binned 8350 at a premium to match. It will also mean that I feel good about not paying the 700+ that I have seen it retailed for prior to its price drop. Anything less than that and it is probably going to leave a bad taste in the mouth and this AMD fan boy should have converted to Intel. I would also like to see it pass the 9370's score, but that may require some more ram to be able to have an advantage, and many many more hours of tweaking.

If nothing else it should give this community a better understanding of the 9590 compared to the 8350, and if it is clear that the best 8350 with an ace overclocker can not beat a potentially worst 9590 with an old overclocker, then it may just justify other going out and purchasing one. That would obviously make V2 league for the AMD boys come alive, which in turn would let me actually see how my 9590 overclock compares to others. We may even be able to get pushing up to and hopefully beyond the 700 mark. Maybe wishful thinking.

G'evening rog!
Poco OM, my friend benching that processor with a single 120mm is a heroic deed! The heat the chip can produce its extreme by any mean.
700 i was hoping i could catch during autumn folly competition but its hard. beyond 1.55volt and 5.3Ghz (including some cpu/NB voltage up) my system with a triple 120mm rad and top-of-line pump and block, was strugling to keep it cool. So we talk for more than 300Watt for sure.
But i got 666 points from 5.28Ghz ... not an "expert tweaked" bench-run but not bad either. So actually the one who could bench at 5.5Ghz can do it. Now we only need to find that person 😄

Level 40
I have benched the 9590 at over 7GHz already and I still struggle to beat stock Intel i7 processors if that is any help.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 10
Hi HiViz

I would love to see the score that is registered @ 7ghz and the settings, also if this was tweaked for raw core speed or benchmarking performance. For information purposes if nothing else.

Hi solaufein

Cheers dude, I am having to disable many of the functions that generate heat, and am leaving the Vcore on auto rather than manually setting it. Running @ or above 5.1 peaks in the low 70s and without better cooling I would not want to run it higher when doing the video editing part of RB. According to AMD these chips are good up to 1.625vs, so there may be some head room if it can be cooled. I also think that these chips may be able to get to 700, also with the point about the right person + right CPU/Ram and cooling the mobo. I look forward to attempting it with you over the winter folly that hopefully will fall upon us soon. I intend to have my 480 rad hooked up by then and hopefully can push this CPU like I have the ram, to its limits. 🙂

Mind sharing what ram you run in your system as I am very interested to know?

Level 7
654 - BigChris - i7-4770k - 4300MHz - 16GB @ 2400MHz - Asus Maximus VI Impact


Level 18
BigChris .. Welcome to ROG. .c.

Level 15
Welcome BigChris! Nice Impact score!!

Try our new beta too 🙂

MarshallR@ASUS wrote:
Welcome BigChris! Nice Impact score!!

Try our new beta too 🙂

Not to worry I have run it a few times :cool: system is stable and I have even uploaded the result, just haven't post them yet, as I need to redo my thermal compound, fan configuration, fan profiles (running about 10 deg hotter then I would like) and most importantly get my GTX 770 ordered and installed .. This was just a quick set the memory to spec and kick the cpu multiplier /volts up and see what happens run.

Level 10
415- edrak- 1090T - 3.61 - 1600/16GB - CFVZ

414- edrak- 1090T - 3.8 - 1600/16GB - CFVZ

I am not sure why my score is lower when I upped my processor speed. Everything but multitasking went up in score.... odd

Level 7
no matter what i do i can no longer upload pictures, anyone have any ideas? ive tried .jpg .jpeg .gif .png and each one will not upload