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ROG RealBench Chat and Comments

Level 40
Please guys can we keep all the chat here in this section. Lets give it a try for a while and if it does not work I will combine the threads again.

The first post in the the new league thread is a worth one indeed. Samual you are the ROG real-bench kind dude no two ways about it.

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To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.
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Poco OM wrote:
"program files modified or corrupted"I have been getting this from time to time whilst running realbench, and I am not sure why. I suspect it is an unstable overclock with the Ram that is causing it and would appreciate any input anyone has.
You are right :). At some stage you over did it with CPU or Memory OC and some files are corrupted. What I do, in such a case, is to delete the RB folder and replace it with a fresh copy that I have stored somewhere and never used it. Also another thing I do, is to delete contents from C>Windows>Temp folder and from C>Users>You>Appdata>Local>Temp folder contents. Then you can run a system check for Win 7 or in some cases if win 8 is used, a reinstall of OS image. In general when you push memory a lot is good to have stored an image of your OS, because corruption of files is very easy to happen. That's why is not a good idea to use your 24/7 setup for OC.

Cheers Niko

I was doing all above except deleting the temp files.

Is there a way to isolate which is to blame?

Also would too tight timings on the ram cause this?

Level 12
To isolate would be for ...research :). I am not that patient :). I just delete them and it works. Tight timmings can easily corrupt files because you push it to its working limits and everything is loaded there. For having the less bad surprises use SuperPi. After setting your RAM through BIOS, before you run RB, run SuperPi 4M or 8M. If you pass without any error you have a very good indication for stability. These tests are very demanding and if you over did it they will fail. 32M is the most intense but takes ages and I can't wait that much 😄

Level 10
HiVizMan wrote:
So close to 600 Poco nice work.

Cheers HiViz

Getting those extra 5 points on this system may be a lot harder than getting the 101 increase over stock without adding sufficient cpu coling. Either my ram is at its limit, or worse my IMC has peaked. I have read that the IMC on this cpu is is rated @ 2133mhz and that the Dom Plats below this speed have little head room. I could not get these to run @ 2133 with a 200 fsb, despite going to 1.75v and upping some other relevant voltages. But I got it to run @ 2134 with a 225 fsb @ 1.71 volts with what I thought were impressive timings for this speed. Anything higher just does not seem to stabilize, even when increasing the volts to the IMC. I expected I may need to get faster ram to get more out of the fsb or to rule out what is the bottle neck. Given the 9370 that leads has a lot higher fsb than I can achieve with this ram I am hoping that is what has peaked.
Opinions you or others may have are welcomed, even if it is to confirm or dismiss my logic.

Level 12
Well, I think I might get back into action with this. Is everyone moving to V2 beta, or still using 1.1 until final release of V2?

Have a couple questions.

I have been doing some benching with a S1156 i5-760. Using the same Dominator Platinum 2400mhz ram from my X79 system (yes, it runs dual or quad), I can clock it to 2400mhz not problem even though the mobo (Sabertooth 55i) only 'officially' supports up to 2000mhz. Problem is, at 2400mhz, RealBench crashes. I beleive it is due to IMC voltage.
My question is, what have people found to be an upper limit on S1156 IMC voltage? I have had it as high as 1.39v, but worried I might cook the CPU. Also, I have had the Vcore as high as 1.45v. Anyone know how much higher I can go?

Also, so far I have clocked the CPU as high at 4700mhz. What is an average high overclock on this CPU. As an example of average, can it be clocked as easily to 5.0GHZ as an X79 CPU can? 5.0GHZ is a common overclock and easily obtained on an X79 system.

And WOW! Man do I have some work to do! 900 score in RealBench? I gonna have to tuck the 'roids in to get close to that. LOL

Sorry, I should say the Dominator clocks to 2375mhz no prob with IMC at 1.3v. Any bclk higher and no post. This is were it max's out on my X79 system.
It seems this memory kit max's out in frequency around same speed whether it is in an X79 or 55i system. Or could 2375mhz be the max speed for 55i, and 2375 is all the IMC on my 3930K can do? Asus does state 2000mhz max supported for Sabertooth 55i.
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