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ROG "broken" charger (not the connector) (SOLVED)

Level 7
Hi, i wasnt able to find a thread about this problem so there it is, also english isnt my first language so be nice.

Recently my laptop stopped charging without any apparent reasons, i cut off the connector to see if there was power being outputted and there wasnt, so it wasnt the connector.

I opened the charger (without emptying the capacitors and just trying to be careful) and everything was alright, no leaking capacitors, no bad connections nothing.

But while manipulating it i eventually touched the capacitor which emptied itself in my hand causing the most powerful electric shock i ever felt and giving me a small yet painful internal burn, and right after that having done nothing else the charger started working again. at the time i wasnt sure what fixed it but a few hours ago it stopped working again and i emptied the larger capacitor(450v 120uF) by grounding it and it fixed it, charger started working, so thats about it

so If you have a charger that wont charge, dont want to buy an other one, are willing to take a risk at a painful, potentially dangerous shock knowing asus would have no liability, and know what you are doing, you can try this out.